Family Healing Program

The Family Healing Program

The Family Healing Program is a three week residential treatment program which includes all members of the family from infants on up. Parents, children and youth reside as a family unit in the residential part of our facility. We offer a program that is geared to families who are struggling with alcohol and drug addictions and related issues. The Family Healing Program consists of adults attending group and individual sessions which covers a variety of topics. The topics may be geared specifically to the particular group but there will be sessions that include communication, self-esteem, nutrition and more. Recreation activities is also encouraged. The core of the Family Healing Program is based on the culture and traditions of our people. Families participate in daily ceremonies such as smudging/prayer. Drumming and singing may be a part of the daily program. Ceremonies such as the sweat lodge or pipe ceremony will be offered during the duration of the Family Healing Program.

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