A Message to the Client

At Sagashtawao Healing Lodge, we believe you have the power to make the choice to start the process of addressing issues of addictions or upsets that are creating chaos in ones’ life. We believe you can find freedom and you have the power to nurture and reconnect with yourself and make healthy choices. We believe you have all the natural gifts to build a better life for yourself.

Sagashtawao Healing Lodge is committed to giving you the support and guidance that will help you develop the skills needed to improve your life. We believe you have the ability to choose a healthy living environment.

During your program, you will have the opportunity to gain an understanding how abuse, relationship dynamics, addictions, self-destructive behaviour and family violence affects your life. You will have the opportunity to create healthy boundaries, address grief and losses, resentments, recognize denial, and change defensive behaviour by identifying defence mechanisms.

As you begin your recovery, Sagashtawao Healing Lodge staff will ensure confidentiality and provide the best quality of care, welfare, and safety in your treatment program. Sagashtawao Healing Lodge offers a multifaceted program that addresses the needs of ones’ spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being.